Boost Efficiency & Quality in Steel Production with Facttwin

Facttwin's real-time monitoring and predictive analytics empower you to optimise operations, reduce downtime, and enhance product quality.

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Boost Efficiency & Quality in Steel Production with Facttwin

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The Solution

What does Facttwin solve for you?

Let's address the challenges you face in steel manufacturing and explore how we can empower your operations.

Optimise Energy Efficiency

Pain Point

Maintaining raw materials consistency while addressing energy saving and emissions reduction is often challenging for most of the steel manufacturers.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin empowers steel manufacturers to achieve energy-efficient and sustainable operations through:

  • Real-time Energy Monitoring and Analytics
  • Predictive Modelling for Energy Optimisation
Optimise Energy Efficiency

Real-time Energy Monitoring and Analytics

Gain real-time visibility into energy consumption across processes, identify bottlenecks, and optimise energy usage for cost savings and reduced environmental impact.

Predictive Modelling for Energy Optimisation

Forecast energy demand based on production schedules and external factors, enabling proactive energy management strategies to minimise waste and reduce peak demand charges.

Ensure Worker Safety and Mitigate Risks

Pain Point

Steel manufacturing involves hazardous environments with high temperatures, heavy machinery, and potential exposure to harmful substances. Ensuring worker safety and minimising risks is paramount.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin's comprehensive platform helps steel manufacturers:

  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Proactive Alerts
Ensure Worker Safety and Mitigate Risks

Real-time Monitoring

Track safety-critical parameters, such as gas levels, air quality, and equipment temperature, in real-time to identify potential hazards before they escalate.

Proactive Alerts

Receive instant notifications of abnormal conditions or safety violations, enabling immediate intervention and preventing accidents.

Improve Product Quality and Consistency

Pain Point

Maintaining consistent product quality across the entire production process is critical but challenging due to complex variables and manual interventions.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin leverages advanced analytics and machine learning to:

  • Monitor key parameters
  • Detect anomalies
Improve Product Quality and Consistency


Track key process parameters in real time, such as temperature, pressure, and chemical composition.


Identify anomalies and deviations from optimal conditions early on.

Know more about Facttwin!

A unified Industrial IoT Suite for Steel Manufacturing


Smart Factory

Helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/IT leaders to visualise the overall steel manufacturing operation of multiple plants from anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

  • Data collection in real-time
  • KPI Analysis
  • Production Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control
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Machine Health Monitoring

Machine Health Monitoring

Helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/Maintenance leaders to forecast equipment failure used in steel manufacturing, reducing unplanned factory downtime.

Key Features

  • Advanced data capturing in real-time
  • Abnormal Temperature & Vibration Alarms
  • Vibration & Temperature Trends
  • Fault Analysis
  • Live Machine Status
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Got Questions About Facttwin in Steel Manufacturing? We've Got Answers.

What are the applications of Facttwin in Steel Manufacturing?

Facttwin’s Industrial IoT Platform is designed to address a wide range of challenges in steel manufacturing. It empowers you to:

  • Optimise operational & energy efficiency
  • Ensure worker safety and mitigate risks
  • Improve product quality and consistency
  • Modernize legacy equipment and processes
How does Facttwin enhance safety in steel manufacturing?

Facttwin’s real-time monitoring and proactive alerts system creates a safer working environment by:

  • Continuously tracking critical safety parameters like gas levels, air quality, and equipment temperature.
  • Instantly notifying you of abnormal conditions or potential hazards, enabling swift action to prevent accidents.
  • Providing insights into historical safety data to identify trends and proactively address underlying issues.
How does Facttwin help improve energy efficiency in steel plants?

Facttwin’s real-time energy monitoring and analytics provide granular visibility into energy consumption across your entire operation. This allows you to:

  • Identify areas of inefficiency and waste.
  • Optimize energy usage based on production schedules and real-time data.
  • Implement data-driven strategies to reduce energy costs and environmental impact.
How does Facttwin help ensure consistent product quality?

Facttwin’s platform enables real-time monitoring of critical process parameters, such as temperature, pressure, and chemical composition. By analysing this data, you can:

  • Quickly identify deviations from optimal conditions.
  • Make data-driven adjustments to maintain consistent quality throughout the production process.
  • Gain insights into the root causes of quality issues to drive continuous improvement.
Can Facttwin integrate with my existing equipment and systems?

Yes! Facttwin is designed for seamless integration, even with legacy equipment. Our flexible platform connects to your existing sensors and systems, collecting and analysing data to provide actionable insights. This allows you to optimise your current infrastructure while gradually upgrading to a fully connected smart factory.

What kind of results can I expect from implementing Facttwin?

Facttwin’s impact is often immediate, with many customers experiencing significant improvements in energy efficiency, safety, and productivity within weeks of implementation. Over time, the system continues to learn and adapt to your specific processes, leading to even greater optimizations and cost savings.

How do I get started with Facttwin?

Getting started with Facttwin is easy. Simply contact our sales team for a free consultation and demo. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and tailor a solution that meets your requirements.

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