Drive Efficiency & Safety in Chemical Manufacturing with Facttwin

Real-time production monitoring and predictive analytics features of Facttwin optimises the production processes, minimises the risk, and ensures the regulatory compliance.

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Drive Efficiency & Safety in Chemical Manufacturing with Facttwin

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The Solution

What does Facttwin solve for you?

Let's address the challenges faced in chemical manufacturing and explore how we can empower the operations.

Maximize Operational Efficiency and Profitability

Pain Point

Lack of real-time factory floor visibility and unplanned machine downtime results in inefficient processes, reduced efficiency & lowered profitability.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin, with its real-time operational insights and predictive maintenance capabilities, empowers chemical manufacturers to:

  • Optimise
  • Prevent
  • Improve
Maximize Operational Efficiency and Profitability


Have a real-time visualisation of all the needed KPIs of the factory-floor, helping plant heads to streamline and optimise for the enhanced efficiency and profitability.


Anticipate and prevent equipment failures through predictive maintenance, minimizing downtime and costly repairs.


Improvise the overall efficiency and productivity of manufacturing operation with reduced wastage, downtime and energy consumption.

Achieve Flawless Batches Consistently

Pain Point

Complex processes and variations in raw materials make it challenging to maintain consistent product quality across batches.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin leverages advanced analytics to:

  • Identify
  • Detect
  • Adjust
Achieve Flawless Batches Consistently


Pinpoint the critical process parameters that directly impact product quality.


Uncover anomalies and deviations in real-time before they escalate into major issues.


Enable proactive adjustments to maintain optimal conditions and ensure every batch meets the standards.

Maintain Safety and Compliance Standards

Pain Point

Maintaining a safe working environment and adhering to strict regulatory requirements is paramount, but manual processes and outdated systems can hinder the efforts.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin's comprehensive platform helps chemical manufacturers to:

  • Monitor
  • Predict
  • Streamline
Elevate Safety and Compliance Standards 


Track critical safety parameters, environmental conditions, and equipment performance in real-time.


Identify potential hazards and equipment failure before they escalate.


Automate compliance reporting and documentation, simplifying audits and ensuring adherence to regulations.

Modernise Legacy Equipment and Processes

Pain Point

Outdated equipment and system limits visibility of the operations, hindering the ability to optimize processes and identify potential issues.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin's flexible platform seamlessly integrates with the existing infrastructure to:

  • Connect
  • Transform
  • Evolve
Modernise Legacy Equipment and Processes 


Collect and analyse real-time data from even the oldest assets like non-PLC machines.


Gain actionable insights to improve the performance and lifespan of legacy equipment.


Build a solid foundation for gradual modernisation and digital transformation.

Know more about Facttwin! 

A unified Industrial IoT Suite for
Chemical Manufacturing 


Smart Factory

Helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/IT leaders to visualize the overall chemical manufacturing operation of multiple plants from anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

  • Data collection in real-time
  • KPI Analysis
  • Batch Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control
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Machine Health Monitoring

Machine Health Monitoring

Helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/Maintenance leaders to forecast equipment failure used in chemical manufacturing, reducing unplanned factory downtime.

Key Features

  • Advanced data capturing in real-time
  • Abnormal Temperature & Vibration Alarms
  • Vibration & Temperature Trends
  • Fault Analysis
  • Live Machine Status
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Got Questions About Facttwin in Chemical Manufacturing? We've Got Answers.

How does Facttwin enhance safety in hazardous chemical environments?

Facttwin’s machine health monitoring technology helps to prevent the potential equipment failure or accidental event by continuously monitoring the metrics like temperature and vibration via sensors. It detects anomalies and hence trigger alerts to prevent the incidents.

How does Facttwin help to ensure compliance with industry regulations specific to chemical manufacturing?

Yes. Our robust reporting mechanism can help you simplify the compliance process as a chemical manufacturer.

How does Facttwin help to optimise production processes in the chemical industry?

Real-time shopfloor visibility helps manufacturers to have a 360° view of their manufacturing operations, enabling them to identify the bottlenecks and needed improvements in real-time. This helps to optimise resources, reduce wastage, improve efficiency, and thus increase profitability.

My plant uses legacy equipment. Can Facttwin still help me?

Yes! With the unified Industrial IoT Platform and native Akrivia drivers, Facttwin can connect not only with any PLC, SCADA, DCS but also with legacy equipments such as NCs, CNCs, digital and analog sensors, actuators, energy, flow and utility meters and many more.

How quickly can I see results with Facttwin?

Facttwin’s impact is often immediate. Many customers experience improvements in operational efficiency, safety, and compliance within weeks of implementation. However, the full benefits of Facttwin are typically realized over time as the system learns and adapts to your specific processes.

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