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Smart Factory helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/IT leaders to visualise the overall manufacturing operation of multiple plants from anywhere, anytime.


Poor Shop-Floor Visibility (Manual, Maximum Error, No Real-time)

Manual Collection of data for shopfloor visibility results in delayed needful actions, reducing the operational efficiency and overall productivity substantially.

Facttwin's Solution

Real-time Shop-Floor Visibility

Facttwin® Smart Factory enables real-time visibility of every machine on the shopfloor, boosting the overall operational efficiency and productivity.

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Data collection in real-time

Facttwin® seamlessly integrates with any machine channelling real-time data straight to the cloud.

Universal Machine Connectivity

Connect with legacy systems & standard machines (SCADA, PLC, DCS, CNC, non-PLC etc.) via various communication protocols and the native Akrivia IoT Gateway.

Communication Protocols & Channels

Supports more than 30 industrial protocols such as Modbus, RS-232, RS-485.... for seamless data acquisition.

Akrivia IoT Gateway

Eliminates the need of an external OPC Server licenses.

Seamless Data Collection in Real-Time
Visualise your entire manufacturing operation

Global Dashboard

Facttwin® provides the high-level overview of an entire plant via this dashboard. Let us understand how.

Configurable KPIs

Monitor a set of real-time KPIs (OEE, Availability, Quality etc.) of your choice.

Status of Machines

Understand the machine status, whether it’s scheduled, unscheduled, running or in-maintenance.

Production Trend

Get a detailed overview of how the production is going. You can figure it out for any specific period of time.

Global Dashboard
Understand your machine health

Machine Dashboard

Facttwin® helps you understand the status of machines at a minute level, located at your plant.

Overall Machine Page

Access the status of all the machines based on area-specific filter and/or status-specific filter like Scheduled (Running), Scheduled (Stopped) etc.

Individual Machine Page

Access the detailed status of an individual machine in terms of statistical charts, stoppage reasons for a specific duration, KPIs (shift-time, planned production time, downtime) for a current shift/batch/day & live parameters plot (emergency stop, cycle start stop).

Machine Dashboard
Track batch performance

Batch Performance Dashboard

Facttwin® helps you understand the performance of all scheduled batches.

Batch Overview

Access the status and performance indicators of all the batches based on status-filter (Running, Completed, Rejected).

Batch Performance

Understand the batch performance based on various KPIs like Quality, Availability, TEEP, OEE, Performance, TEEP, Utilisation, Downtime etc.

Batch Performance Dashboard
Monitor key metrics


Facttwin® analyses a vast set of metrics like KPI, downtime, machine usage, batch analysis, production analysis, wastage analysis etc. for real-time quick decisions.

KPI Analysis

Monitors the KPIs (OEE, Availability, Quality, Performance) real-time, and visualises the results in bar/line graphs corresponding to various parameters like all machines hour wise, specific hour machine wise, specific machine specific hour etc.

Downtime Analysis

Evaluates the downtime metrics (total/planned/unplanned downtime), and visualises the results in bar/line graphs corresponding to various parameters like all machines hour wise etc.

Machine Usage Analysis

Analyses the machine usage (running, idle, stopped), and visualises the results in bar/line graphs corresponding to various parameters like all machines hour wise etc.

Batch Analysis

Evaluates the batch metrics (delayed, ahead, on-time), and visualises the results in bar/line graphs for a specific batch or all batches.

Production Analysis

Monitors the production metrics (scheduled, produced, good-count, bad-count), and visualises the results in bar/line graphs corresponding to various parameters like all machines hour wise etc.

Wastage Analysis

Analyses the wastage metrics (manpower loss, material loss, bad count, energy loss & financial loss) and visualises the results in bar/line/pie graphs.

Maintenance Analysis

Monitors the maintenance metrics (production loss, breakdown start & end time, breakdown duration) and visualises the results in bar/line graphs.

Uncover underlying causes

Root Cause Analysis

Facttwin® helps you figure out the root cause of any specific problem that is resulting production or any kind of loss.

5-Why Analysis

Evaluates an issue at the core by drilling down with 5 successive Why’s.

Fishbone Analysis

Analyses any issue at the detailed level using fishbone technique, consisting of categories and reasons.

Root Cause Analysis
Enhance quality with SPC

Statistical Process Control

It is a quality control methodology that ensures processes operate consistently and predictably, resulting in high-quality products with minimal defects.

X-bar-R Charts

Monitors continuous data and subgroups of 2-10 samples.

I-MR Charts

Provides valuable insights into process stability for situations where taking subgroups isn't practical.

Attribute Charts

Tracks count-based data (e.g. number of defects, pass/fail rates). It uses various statistical tools like p-chart, np-chart, c-chart & u-chart.

Statistical Process Control
Access comprehensive reports

Reports & Compatibility

Facttwin® supports and provides all kind of reports as requested by the users.

Tailored Reports

Empowers the plant owners with a wide variety of customizable reports like Daily Report – Production, Daily Report – Packing, Monthly Report, Cycle Time Report, Product Wise Report, Batch Wise Report, MTTR Report, NSD Report etc.


Supports accessibility across desktop and mobile platforms.

Reports Compatibility
Manage alerts effectively

Alerts & Notifications

Facttwin® monitors the real-time alerts raised in the plant.

Alert Categories

Displays the raised alerts under: Active, Acknowledged and Rectified.

Alert Rectification

Supports the user to acknowledge an active alert and eventually rectify the same.

Alerts & Notifications

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Visit the success stories and discover how Facttwin has addressed challenges and delivered tangible results.

Smart Factory - FAQs

What is Facttwin Smart Factory?

Facttwin Smart Factory is a powerful solution for real-time visibility and analysis of your shop floor machines. It's a key part of Industry 4.0, helping you optimise operations and make data-driven decisions for your smart factory.

How does Facttwin Smart Factory integrate with my existing systems?

Facttwin prioritizes seamless integration with PLCs, SCADAs, DCS, CNCs, and even non-PLC machines using various protocols and the Akrivia IoT Gateway. This ensures smooth data flow within your smart factory environment.

Can Facttwin Smart Factory monitor multiple plants?

Yes! Facttwin's global dashboard provides a real-time overview of all your plants. You can track key metrics across locations to make better, more informed decisions for your smart factory operations.

What kind of insights does Facttwin Smart Factory provide?

Facttwin offers deep analysis of KPIs, downtime, machine usage, production, and more. It utilizes tools like root cause analysis and Statistical Process Control (SPC) to identify areas for improvement and thus, optimises your smart manufacturing processes.

Is Facttwin Smart Factory customisable?

Yes! You can configure your dashboard to highlight the KPIs most important to your operations. It also offers custom reports tailored to your specific smart factory 4.0 needs.

Do you offer a free demo?

Absolutely! We'd be happy to give you a live demo of Facttwin in action. Schedule your free demo today.

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