Boost Agility and Efficiency in FMCG Manufacturing with Facttwin

Harness the power of real-time data and predictive analytics to optimise production, reduce wastage, and ensure product quality.

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Boost Agility and Efficiency in FMCG Manufacturing with Facttwin

Preferred by leading organizations in transforming their real-time
manufacturing data into actionable insights

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The Solution

What does Facttwin solve for you?

Let's address the challenges faced in FMCG manufacturing and explore how we can empower the operations.

Maximize Yield and Minimize Waste

Pain Point

Variability in raw materials, complex production processes, and unforeseen disruptions can lead to inconsistent yields and increased waste.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin leverages real-time data and advanced analytics to:

  • Optimise Production Processes
  • Predict and Prevent Downtime
  • Improve Quality Control
Maximize Yield and Minimize Waste

Optimise Production Processes

Identify bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement across the entire production line.

Predict and Prevent Downtime

Monitor equipment health in real-time, anticipate failures, and schedule proactive maintenance to minimize unplanned downtime.

Improve Quality Control

Track critical process parameters, detect deviations from optimal conditions, and make data-driven adjustments to ensure consistent product quality.

Enhance Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Pain Point

The fast-paced nature of FMCG manufacturing requires agility and efficiency to meet fluctuating demand while controlling costs.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin empowers to:

  • Streamline Production Planning
  • Automate Data Collection and Reporting
  • Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities
Enhance Operational Efficiency and Reduce Costs

Streamline Production Planning

Forecast demand accurately, optimise production schedules, and efficiently allocate resources to meet customer needs.

Automate Data Collection and Reporting

Eliminate manual data entry and streamline reporting processes for greater efficiency and accuracy.

Identify Cost-Saving Opportunities

Analyse production data to pinpoint areas for cost reduction, such as energy consumption, raw material usage, and labour optimisation.

Ensure Product Quality and Safety

Pain Point

Maintaining consistent product quality and ensuring safety across the supply chain is crucial for consumer trust and brand reputation.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin provides:

  • Real-time Quality Monitoring
  • Traceability and Transparency
  • Compliance Management
Ensure Product Quality and Safety

Real-time Quality Monitoring

Track critical quality parameters throughout the production process to identify and address deviations promptly.

Traceability and Transparency

Gain end-to-end visibility of the supply chain to ensure product integrity and traceability from raw materials to finished goods.

Compliance Management

Streamline regulatory compliance by automating documentation and reporting processes.

Boost Productivity and Agility

Pain Point

Meeting fluctuating consumer demands and adapting to changing market conditions requires agility and responsiveness.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin enables to:

  • Real-time Production Monitoring
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Empower Workforce
Boost Productivity and Agility

Real-time Production Monitoring

Gain insights into production performance at every stage, allowing for quick adjustments to meet demand.

Predictive Analytics

Forecast production trends and anticipate potential bottlenecks, enabling proactive decision-making.

Empower Workforce

Provide operators with real-time data and actionable insights to make informed decisions and take corrective actions quickly.

Optimise Energy Consumption and Reduce Costs

Pain Point

Energy costs can significantly impacts the bottom line, and increasing environmental regulations require a focus on sustainability.

Facttwin Solution

Facttwin helps to:

  • Monitor Energy Usage
  • Implement Energy-Saving Measures
  • Reduce Carbon Footprint
Optimise Energy Consumption and Reduce Costs

Monitor Energy Usage

Track energy consumption across the entire operation in real-time to identify inefficiencies.

Implement Energy-Saving Measures

Optimise equipment settings, implement energy-efficient technologies, and leverage predictive maintenance to reduce energy waste.

Reduce Carbon Footprint

Track and report emissions data to ensure compliance with environmental regulations and promote sustainable practices.

Know more about Facttwin!

A unified Industrial IoT Suite for FMCG Manufacturing


Smart Factory

Helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/IT leaders to visualise the overall FMCG manufacturing operation of multiple plants from anywhere, anytime.

Key Features

  • Data collection in real-time
  • KPI Analysis
  • Production Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Statistical Process Control
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Machine Health Monitoring

Machine Health Monitoring

Helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/Maintenance leaders to forecast equipment failure used in FMCG manufacturing, reducing unplanned factory downtime.

Key Features

  • Advanced data capturing in real-time
  • Abnormal Temperature & Vibration Alarms
  • Vibration & Temperature Trends
  • Fault Analysis
  • Live Machine Status
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Got Questions About Facttwin in FMCG Manufacturing? We've Got Answers.

What are the main use cases of Facttwin in the FMCG industry?

Facttwin’s Industrial IoT platform is designed to address the unique challenges of FMCG manufacturing. It empowers you to:

  • Optimise production efficiency and reduce waste
  • Enhance product quality and safety
  • Boost productivity and agility
  • Optimise energy consumption and reduce costs
  • Ensure compliance with industry regulations
How does Facttwin help to improve efficiency and reduce waste in FMCG production?

Facttwin’s real-time monitoring and analytics provide deep insights into your production processes, enabling you to:

  • Identify bottlenecks and inefficiencies
  • Optimize production schedules and resource allocation
  • Reduce waste by minimizing overproduction and scrap
  • Predict and prevent equipment failures that can lead to costly downtime
How does Facttwin help to ensure product quality and safety in the FMCG industry?

Facttwin’s platform enables you to:

  • Monitor critical quality parameters in real time throughout the production process
  • Detect deviations from quality standards early on and take corrective action
  • Ensure traceability and transparency across the supply chain
  • Streamline compliance with regulatory requirements
How does Facttwin help FMCG manufacturers adapt to changing consumer demands and market conditions?

Facttwin enables agility and responsiveness through:

  • Real-time production monitoring and analytics
  • Accurate demand forecasting
  • Proactive identification of bottlenecks and potential disruptions
  • Empowering your workforce with data-driven insights for faster decision-making
How does Facttwin help to reduce energy costs and improve sustainability in FMCG operations?

Yes! Facttwin’s energy monitoring and optimization features enable you to:

  • Track energy consumption in real time
  • Identify energy-saving opportunities
  • Implement energy-efficient technologies and practices
  • Reduce your carbon footprint and improve sustainability
How do I get started with Facttwin?

Getting started with Facttwin is easy. Simply contact our sales team for a free consultation and demo. We’ll work with you to understand your specific needs and goals, and tailor a solution that meets your requirements.

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