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Facttwin® Machine Health Monitoring

Machine Health Monitoring helps Operation/Plant/Engineering/Maintenance
leaders to forecast equipment failure with unprecedented accuracy, reducing unplanned factory downtime.


Unplanned Factory Downtime

Undetected and sudden equipment failure results in unplanned downtime, reducing the productivity & operational efficiency.

Facttwin's Solution

Predictive Maintenance Technology, powered by AI

Facttwin® Machine Health Monitoring predicts any ongoing equipment failure in advance, boosting the overall machine health and Hence the operational efficiency and productivity.

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Advanced data capturing in real-time

Facttwin® facilitates temperature and vibration data capture from any machine in real-time, offering immediate insights for predictive maintenance.

Advanced Native Sensors

Effortlessly collects vibration and temperature metrics in real-time, utilizing advanced sensors and wireless connectivity.

Wireless Data Acquisition

Ensures seamless data collection using wireless and ethernet connectivity.

Advanced Data Capturing for Machine Health Intelligence
Get 360° view of machine health

Maintenance Head Dashboard

Facttwin® provides a high-level maintenance metrics like machine condition, machine status, live temperature etc. for quick immediate resolution.

Machine Condition

Locates how many machines are running normal/just satisfactory/satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

Machine Status

Identifies how many machines are
running/stopped/lacks sensor data.

Faults Identification

Captures the root causes of faults like bearing issues, misalignment, external looseness, gearbox issues, flow issues, coupling issues, internal looseness, unbalance etc.

Intuitive Maintenance Head Dashboard
Machine status at a glance

Live Machine Status

Facttwin® provides the status of machine (running/stopped/lacks sensor data) in real-time.

Status Dashboard

Identifies how many machines are running/stopped/lacks sensor data, corresponding to a specific area. Also locates the machine condition (unsatisfactory/just satisfactory/satisfactory/normal), running since and duration.

Real-Time Oversight with Live Machine Status
Machine health anomaly alerts

Abnormal Temperature & Vibration Alarms

Facttwin® ‘s sophisticated alert system closely monitors vibration and temperature data providing an early warning of abnormalities.

Alarms Overview

Displays the ‘total number of unsolved alarms’ & ‘raised against abnormal temperature/vibration alarms’.

Detailed Alarm Logs

Tracks unsolved alarms for every 10 seconds, with a clear display of sensor location, machine condition, time of detection & current machine status.

Precision Monitoring with Machine Condition Feature
Monitor key metrics

Machine Analysis as Analysis

Facttwin® analyses trends, machine condition, machine utilization and faults for detailed predictive analytics.

Vibration Trends

Tracks the average and maximum vibration, top three vibrations etc., thus ensuring early detection of irregularities.

Temperature Trends

Continuously monitors machine temperature, thus preventing potential overheating and system stress.

Fault Trends

Analyses the fault patterns such as imbalances or misalignments, thus refining the maintenance schedule and preventing future issues.

Machine Condition

Shows the condition of each machine on a timeline view representing any changes/trends over time. Also depicts change in condition, and condition by status, count, duration & percentage.

Machine Utilization

Monitors how many machines are running/stopped/lacks sensor. Represents data on a timeline view, statistical pie-chart, and tabular format.

Vibration Severity

Measures and calculates vibration severity for every ten seconds using line graphs and other statistical charts.

Fault Analysis

Analyses faults for every ten minutes utilizing the fault graph consisting of fault parameters like misalignment, internal looseness, unbalance, belt frequency, ISO limit etc.

Proactive Alert System for Vibration and Temperature Anomalies
Access comprehensive reports

Reports & Compatibility

Facttwin® supports and provides all kind of reports as requested by the users.

Tailored Reports

Empowers the plant owners with a wide variety of customizable reports like Daily Report – Production etc.


Supports accessibility across desktop and mobile platforms.

Comprehensive Fault Analysis for Predictive Maintenance
Manage alerts effectively

Alerts & Notifications

Facttwin® monitors the real-time alerts raised in the plant.

Alert Categories

Displays the raised alerts under: Active, Acknowledged and Rectified.

Alert Rectification

Supports the user to acknowledge an active alert and eventually rectify the same.

Trend Analysis Harness the Power of Predictive Insights

Case Studies

Don’t take our word for it. Visit the success stories and discover how Facttwin has addressed challenges and delivered tangible results.

Machine Health Monitoring - FAQs

What is Machine Health Monitoring?

Machine Health Monitoring is a predictive maintenance platform which uses sensors and data analytics to continuously track the performance of industrial equipment. It helps detect potential problems early, thus preventing breakdowns and maximizing uptime.

How does Facttwin Machine Health Monitoring work?

Facttwin uses advanced sensors to collect real-time vibration and temperature data from your machines. This data is analysed by our AI-powered platform to identify patterns and predict future equipment failures.

What are the benefits of using Facttwin Machine Health Monitoring?

Facttwin can help you:

  • Reduce unplanned downtime
  • Improve operational efficiency
  • Extend equipment lifespan &
  • Lower maintenance costs
What types of equipment can Facttwin monitor?

Facttwin can monitor a wide range of industrial equipment, including motors, pumps, compressors, gearboxes, and more.

Do you offer a free demo?

Absolutely! We’d be happy to give you a live demo of Facttwin in action. Schedule your free demo today.

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