Maximize Performance, Quality,
and Availability of Manufacturing Operations

Enabling Lean Manufacturing

Accelerate your continuous improvement journey by giving users the power to visualize the entire manufacturing process from the CEO to the shopfloor and determine the process gaps and correlations.

Achieve Sustainable
Manufacturing Efficiency

Transform your shop floor data from insights into actions with a robust end to end analysis tool that helps to reduce machine downtime, increase your throughput, and maximize profitability driven by your manufacturing equipment.

How Facttwin
Enables Lean Manufacturing

Harness the power of machine data to jump start your factory continuous improvement efforts through Facttwin. Get Real-time visibility into machine and job performance to improve efficiency

Real-Time Data

With real-time monitoring to track and report on early signals of machine malfunctioning, shop floor losses and production slow-downs can be addressed immediately with real-time feedback to machine operators and production line employees.

Improved Accuracy

With our abilities to automatically capture precise data of Availability, Performance, and Quality data in real time helps you to take corrective actions based on accuracy and context of the data.


View the live status of machines and production progress of all your plants/locations at a single place and get the flexibility to take prompt and timely decisions and improve overall production efficiency


KPI Metrics provide a detailed view of Equipment performance. The Machines, Lines and Facilities performance can be compared by product, operator, and shift to get insights on peak production capacity and equipment utilization which help in achieving optimum manufacturing output

Benchmarking & Integrations

With benchmarks, compare how a single piece of equipment has performed historically. Integrate the production order data with FACTTWIN to get effective insights on change-over performance that help to solve production bottlenecks.

Power of SPC

Analyze historic data and monitor the performance using statistical process control charts to achieve high profitability & quality. Gain deeper insights and discover hidden insights for better control on the overall process.

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