The Problem

Problem Statement

Today's manufacturers face many problems that can limit their productivity. Frequent breakdown in production machines. No tracking of planned, unplanned outage timings and reasons for stoppages results in low productivity.

The quality of products produced are not uniform, the effort involved and the efficiency of usage is not uniform across all the plants. There are multiple scenarios where the production is not in-line with the demand as there is no coordination between the multiple plants and order pipeline.

The ability to track and view entire production data in real-time, and alerting the operators of any deviation in the process is the key to improve overall operational efficiency of the plant. Facttwin enables it.

Common Production Challenges

Our Approach

Transforming machine data into actionable insights to drive results with an end-to-end loT Platform

Facttwin provides real-time visibility and seamless monitoring of end-to-end production data collected through Akrivia IoT gateway. It helps organizations to increase product yield that impacts the bottom line, giving decision makers’ access to data for tracking and measuring operational success.

Transforming machine data into actionable insights to drive results with an end-to-end loT Platform

Real-Time Data

Track metrics like OEE, machine utilization, downtime, and overall production monitoring in real-time for maximum production efficiency. Shop floor losses and production slow-downs can be addressed immediately with real-time alerts.

Connect to Any Machine

Connect & collect data from any machine using the Akrivia IoT gateway. Siemens, Fanuc, Allen Bradley, and all standard PLCs with industrial protocols like Modbus, OPC DA, OPC UA, MTConnect, and more.

Visualize Production

Visualize production metrics, CTQ parameters and other production benchmarks progress of all your plants/locations at a single place and get the flexibility to take prompt and timely decisions and improve overall production efficiency.


Get a detailed view of equipment performance & uncover data-driven insights to diagnose and predict problems in real-time using role-based secured KPI dashboards. Analyze peak production capacity and equipment utilization data by Day, Week, and Month.

Edge Platform

Robust architecture is enhanced using the EDGE platform which automatically transforms, standardizes, processes, and analyzes data at the source, before pushing it to the cloud thereby ensuring data backup is available and zero loss of production data.

Alerts & Notifications

Configure Alerts & Notification as per the need. Alert the right person at the right time and ensure the right action is taken to minimize the impact. Alerts, buzzers, and mobile push notifications can be configured as per the business need.
Benefits of using Facttwin


Facttwin benefits include objective measurements, productivity improvement, greater efficiency, data-driven organization culture, and more. Effective machine utilization is the key to improve productivity. Facttwin helps you to identify when a machine goes down, for how long, and based on the data users can strategize a plan for corrective action. Measuring your floor, consistently, can help to reduce, or even eliminate unplanned downtime.

Automatic OEE Calculation

Facttwin automatically calculates OEE, TEEP and other metrics from the data collected from machines. It helps in identification of the working of the plant and performing with real – time calculations, operators know where they stand at any given point of time.

Downtime Tracking

Planned and unplanned downtime tracking, automatic and manual downtime tracking

Simplified Reports & Visualization

Get daily production reports, OEE metrics and key Performance indicators reports automatically. Schedule the report generation and manage entire process automatically.

Production Monitoring & Insights

Take the guess work away! One of the root causes of low productivity is the manual tracking of downtimes, OEE, and TEEP. The manual collection of data is often biased, inconsistent, expensive or in most cases, entirely inaccessible and not accurate.

Real-time monitoring

Metrics are updated every few seconds as per the need.

Facttwin is always evolving

All features are developed and prioritized according to what our customers need the most. The new features, trends and analytics automatically get pushed to all the product users to enable them equipped with latest advances in Industry. Facttwin evolves as it collects more data and builds intelligence.

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