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Enhance your shop floor performance with data

Data is the new Oil, and machines generate a lot of data, this data when captured and analyzed provides actionable insights to reduce unplanned downtimes and improve machine efficiency.  It helps organizations to improve productivity.

Having complete visibility of the production process in real time with fool proof alerts and notification mechanisms helps to improve operator efficiency and eliminate the bottlenecks in production processes.

FacttWin, helps you to seamlessly Acquire, Process and Analyze data in real time to provide business Insights. The cloud-based software provides visibility to entire shop floor operations with KPI metrics, production reports, and customizable alerts & notifications so that no deviation in the production process is left unattended.


Extract data from all machines using Akrivia IoT gateway. All standard PLCs supported.


Drill down and analyze production reports to identify the process gaps.


Process data in real-time using edge device and push data to cloud.


Get detailed insights on various KPI metrics, and take corrective actions.

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How We Enable Lean Manufacturing

Harness the power of machine data to jump start your factory's continuous improvement efforts through
Facttwin. Get real-time visibility into machine and job performance to improve efficiency.

Real-Time Data

Track metrics like OEE, machine utilization, downtime, and overall manufacture monitoring in real-time for maximum production efficiency. Shop floor losses and production slow-downs can be addressed immediately with real-time alerts.

Connect to Any Machine

Connect & collect data from any machine using the Akrivia IoT gateway. Siemens, Fanuc, Allen Bradley, and all standard PLCs with industrial protocols like Modbus, OPC DA, OPC UA, MTConnect, and more.

Visualize Production

Visualize production metrics, CTQ parameters and other production benchmarks progress of all your plants/locations on a single platform and get the flexibility to take prompt and timely decisions to improve overall production efficiency.


Get a detailed view of equipment performance & uncover data-driven insights to diagnose and predict problems in real-time using role-based secured KPI dashboards. Analyze peak production capacity and equipment utilization data by day, week, and month.

Edge Platform

Robust architecture is enhanced using the EDGE platform which automatically transforms, standardizes, processes, and analyzes data at the source before pushing it to the cloud, ensuring data backup is available and zero loss of production data.

Alerts & Notifications

Configure alerts & notifications as per the need. Alert the right person at the right time and ensure the right action is taken to minimize the impact. Alerts, buzzers, and mobile push notifications can be configured as per the business need. 

We Go Beyond The Standard


Decrease in unplanned downtimes

Deploy Facttwin to control everything and measure efficiency. Achieve improved productivity within a days.

<7 Days

Implementation time

Facttwin implementation is quick. All the features are easily configurable to meet the needs of an organization.


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Our high ratings on leading review sites are a testament to the quality of our service.

Manage On-The-Go

Harness the power of machine data just At your finger tips!

Throw your paper-based record book and imaginary tracking. Adopt our mobile and tab based application digital platform to automatically capture data, perform analysis and track operational efficiency.

20+ Integrations

Easy integrations with your existing tools

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